• About Krav Maga

    29th October 2014 | UKM
  • Master Tomasz Adamczk

    Krav Maga translated from Hebrew into English, as ‘Contact Combat’ was initially developed as an unarmed combat system by Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) due to its no-nonsense approach, simplicity and effectiveness.

    Krav Maga has since been adapted by Tomasz Adamczyk, an ex-member of the exclusive Israeli Global Krav Maga Instructors Team. Facing up to the necessity of program changes he decided – together with the instructor cadre – to develop new training methods, better answering the threats of the modern world, the needs of civilians, law enforcement officers and security personnel. Krav Maga is widely recognized as the most comprehensive reality based self-defense system in the world today.

    The development of a new program - UNITED KRAV MAGA - required the recruitment of a team, led by Tomasz Adamczyk, of civilian, military, police and anti-terrorist experts from Israel, Poland, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Russia, Germany, Austria and other countries.

    Some solutions, which had been in use since the 1940s, had to be changed in reaction to new kinds of threats, from for instance the huge increase in popularity of mixed martial arts and cage fighting as well as the rapid escalation of violence in the form of group attacks with the use of dangerous offensive weapons such as knives, machetes and guns.

    After years of hard work, a new open and modern system UNITED KRAV MAGA was created, based on both the genius of Imi Lichtenfeld's method and on the contemporary experience of international instructors and experts. In the 20 years of his work as a Krav Maga instructor, Master Tomasz Adamczyk has successfully trained more than 600 civilian, military, police and law enforcement instructors throughout the world. His teachings and methods were recommended internationally by the Israeli Ministry of Defence. This commitment as well as the passion and engagement of the united cadre of instructors guarantee the highest level & quality of training available today.


  • Imi lichtenfeld "the founder of Krav Maga"

    Krav Maga is a unique and logical system of self-defence, fighting skills and defensive tactics. There are no traditional or sporting elements in Krav Maga with all of its training methods being based on the adaptation of instinctive response through principal based learning, resulting in skills that become practical in a short space of time and useful under stressful conditions. Elevating the trainee’s capabilities on the physical, mental, technical and tactical levels, Krav Maga is suitable for all, and anyone, with the guidance of a certified instructor can reach their own goals and fulfill their needs.

    An essential part of Krav Maga training is its structured teaching process, delivery of learning and training methodologies. Its curriculum is divided into grades and levels, whether it is for civilians, military soldiers, Law-Enforcement and security officers, Close Personal Protection personnel or members of special units.

    Krav Maga training also emphasises the need to train to deal with conflict when in positions of great disadvantage such as; standing, sitting down, laying down (on your front or back), when travelling on public transport or with a loved one.

    Krav Maga enables personal growth from both a physical and mental perspective with those training Krav Maga seeing vast improvements in their physical health and mental abilities to make decisions in dangerous, stressful and fast moving situations.

    Krav Maga is adaptable to meet the needs of both men and women, from children to more mature adults.

    Krav Maga training also has specific curriculums including tactical adaptations to meet the ever-growing needs of Military Units, Anti-Terrorist Groups, Special Units, Undercover Officers, Close Protection Agents, Correctional Officers, Air Marshals and many more.

  • United Krav Maga Grading System

    There is a grading system in place within Krav Maga for those who wish to assess their abilities, progression and retention of the skills they have acquired under the watchful eye of examiners from the headquaters of the United World Krav Maga organisation.

    Grading in Krav Maga is divided into 3 main categories; Defender, Fighter and Expert Levels.
    Most Krav Maga members are ready for their first grading after 4 months of regular training. Grading thereafter is taken every 6 months depending on progression and requires regular attendance at training classes.

     Defender Level (D1-D5)

    The Defender Levels of Krav Maga are the core of the system. You’ll learn how to defend against the most common attacks, as well as building on your fighting skills and learning how to avoid a situation or what to do after a confrontation. Training also improves fitness, strength, flexibility and mental determination.

    Fighter Level (F1-F5)


    You are eligible to move into the Fighter program 6 months after completing your D5 grade. More advanced skills are taught at F level, including dealing with more complicated situations. You are expected to have a full understanding of all the Defender grades and continue to keep those skills at a high level whilst you progress through the Fighter program.

    Expert Level (E1-E5) 

    Expert Grades are held by very experienced instructors who have a complete understanding of Krav Maga, after passing the coveted Expert Test. E Levels are normally also qualified to teach in more specialist areas such as the Military, Law Enforcement or Security Sector. You can take your Expert Level exam 1 year after passing your Fighter Level 5.