• Get Started in Krav Maga

  • We invite anyone who is interested to come and try & get Started in Krav Maga with us at the Academy, to practice the simplest and most effective self defence system in the world. The induction program is the perfect way to start if you have never studied Krav Maga before and want a taster. This 3 class program covers the basics and essentials of Krav Maga over 4.5 hours (3 lessons). The program is a very useful grounding in the theory and fundamentals of self defence and counter-attacking. We will cover the blocks, strikes and movement basics that you will carry throughout the whole Krav Maga system. It also enables you to go on to join an existing training group without feeling like you will be left behind.

    This trial class is ideal for you if:

    You have not done Krav Maga before

    You want to experience Krav Maga before making a more regular commitment

    Or are just intrigued about trying something completely new

    After your trial classes, you’ll get the chance to sit down with one of our coaching team to discuss more about why you want to start training in Krav Maga and what you are looking to achieve. At United our sole purpose is to make sure you stay on your journey, achieve your goals along the way and have a great time doing it.