• Krav Maga Essex

    10th November 2014 | UKM

    Krav Maga Essex Classes are run three times a week by top Expert level instructors Monday & Thursday evenings and on Saturday mornings. The only club in Essex that has 2 Experts teaching at all classes!

    Our Essex United Krav Maga Academy classes are full of enthusiastic friendly students training in Krav Maga and learning Life skills that will teach them to protect themselves and their loved ones. Our Krav Maga classes are an ego free environment and all of our students are humble and respectful, you will never feel intimidated or vulnerable, and any students displaying negative behaviour would be asked to leave permanently!


    1) Outstanding coaching from our top Expert level team of Instructors who have trained in Israel, Poland and many other places around the world to ensure that you receive the most up to date and effective Krav Maga training available in the UK today

    2) Ensuring that you are training regularly, meeting your specific training goals and are enjoying being part of the United Academy

    3) Training with friendly people who share common self defence and fitness goals

    At the United Academy we have spent years working hard ensuring our class structures will keep you interested, progressing quickly and become fitter, stronger, less stressed and above all teaching you proven self defence that is proven to work in the field against our modern day threats.


    1) Training sessions that typically last around an hour and a half

    2) Specific structured training for those wanting to enter the United Krav Maga World Organisation grading system

    3) Energetically paced, enjoyable lessons where you will learn real life skills

    4) 2 fantastic training venues (David Lloyd Clubs) where membership is not needed

    We look forward to meeting you and becoming part of the Academy.