• Krav Maga Self Defence Classes in Essex

    21st June 2014 | UKM

    Krav Maga Self Defence Classes in Essex gives you the opportunity to learn a modern military based self defence system that will enable you to protect yourself and your loved ones in a short space of time.

    Krav Maga self defence classes in Essex. This is logical self defence system that can be learned by everybody. There is a strong emphasis on simple, natural, reflexive movements as these are much easier to learn and more effective under stress. Regardless of your age, sex, strength, fitness levels or fighting experience, Krav Maga is adaptable so you get the most out of your training time. Our high intensity classes will make you fitter, reduce stress levels, promote massive weight loss and give confidence like never before. By attending our self defence lessons, and with the guidance of our fully certified United Krav Maga Expert level Instructors, and with consistent training you can reach your goals and meet your training needs, where you will train with friendly like minded people who share common interests and goals.

    United Krav Maga will teach you...

    · How to pre-empt, avoid and escape dangerous situations

    · Attacking and counter attacking skills using all parts of the body

    · How to defend yourself whilst on the ground

    · How to use common objects for self defence and fighting

    · Defending attacks such as punches, kicks, throws and different grabs of the body and clothing

    · Defence techniques against armed threats involving knives, sticks and other dangerous objects

    · How to defend yourself against multiple attackers

    · How to defend other people (third party protection)

    · How to protect your loved ones

    At the United Krav Maga Academy we pride ourselves on being a friendly, highly motivated team of individuals who only promote a totally ego-free training environment. We would never let anyone feel physically or mentally intimidated, and anyone displaying such behaviour would be asked to leave. We very much have a family vibe at our club, and many of our members meet before and after our classes regularly on a social basis. So whether your goal is self defence, fitness, or to just try something different and meet new people, why not come down and meet us at the David Lloyd clubs at Basildon and Southend to discuss your goals. Please note that you DO NOT need a David Lloyd membership to train at the academy, we just use their amazing facilities for our classes.