• Womens Krav Maga Self Defence classes Basildon Southend Essex

  • At our Womens Krav Maga Self Defence classes Basildon Southend Essex we always encourage women to train with both male and female club students; however, there are specific situations for women that require some extra training and more specific focus. At the Academy we can tailor our classes specifically for Women who want to learn to protect themselves.

    Our main aim at the Academy is to help our female club members to build confidence, get fit and to gain skills to keep them safe if they find themselves in an dangerous situation. If you are a woman thinking about training in Krav Maga, come and join our other female members at the United Krav Maga Academy and see how it has transformed their lives and made some great new friends along the way.

    Our Women's focused classes offer;
    • Improved Self Confidence and well-being
    • A noticeable increase in stamina, fitness and flexibility
    • Meeting new friends through training with friendly like-minded people

    At the United Academy we pride ourselves on being a very friendly, highly motivated team of individuals who only promote a totally ego-free training environment. We would never let anyone feel physically or mentally intimidated. We have a family vibe at our club, and many of our members meet before and after our classes regularly on a social basis. So whether your goal is self defence, fitness, or to just try something different and meet new people, why not come down and meet us at the David Lloyd clubs at Basildon and Southend to discuss your goals. Please note that you DO NOT need a David Lloyd membership to train at the academy, we just use their amazing facilities.

    We look forward to meeting you.