• Womens Krav Maga Self Defence Classes Basildon

    10th November 2014 | UKM

    At the United Academy Womens Krav Maga Self Defence Classes Basildon we encourage women to train with both male and female club students; however, there are specific situations for women that require some extra training and more specific focus. At the Academy we can tailor our classes specifically for Women who want to learn to defend themselves and their loved ones.

    Our No 1 aim at the Academy is to help our female club members to build confidence, get fit and to gain skills to keep them safe if they find themselves in an dangerous situation. If you are a woman thinking about training in Krav Maga, come and join our other female members at the United Krav Maga Academy and see how it has transformed their lives, made new friends for along the way.

    Our Women's focused classes offer;
    • Improved Self Confidence and well-being
    • A noticeable increase in stamina, fitness and flexibility
    • New friends through training with friendly like-minded people

    The United Krav Maga Academy Adult lessons are lead by a team of highly qualified Expert level instructors , offering professional, responsible Krav Maga training in a safe environment.

    We provide the highest level of Krav Maga training in the UK through a structured approach, in controlled, safe environments, guiding our students to a fitter, more confident and safer lifestyle.

    We pride ourselves on our team ethos – getting to know each and every one of our members, to understand better their individual reasons for learning Krav Maga and to help them guide them towards achieving their own personal training goals.